Taking my blog literally

I’ve done no writing for a week. Very bad me.

I was struggling with 7% last weekend and I realised that after Bone Magician and inbetween the next set of edits for Buying Mackenzie’s Baby, I need to rest and recharge. Mainly because I have no ideas in my head. None. Nada.

So I’ve been reading a book on Dark Age Magic and the mindset of the people. Strange Histories – or why people hung a pig and thought an apple was possessed. And Medalon. The last is giving me a headache.

I’m 500 pages into book one and nothing much has happened – besides the two main characters being severely beaten. A lot. I like doing harm to my characters as much as any psychopathic author… *grin*… but now I’m skipping ahead to find a point where they aren’e captured and tortured. I want the plot to move on! Waaah

I still have no ideas in my head, btw.

But that’s been true since 1993 *sigh*

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