Creating Fictional Worlds is a pile of pants…

…just incase anyone is Googling the course and thinking about doing it at Liverpool University Continuing Education department.

Out of a group of fifteen about four finished the course.

There was no syllabus. We work-shopped every week. And there was very little structure on how to create a fictional world, ie. world building, creating a believable culture and economy. I’ll amend that and say no ideas on how to do that. Another favourite is dialogue is bad and fantasy has to be visual. Other senses need not apply… 😉

The course ended with a just a few of us consistantly bringing work and finding little from the crits of said work.

Anyway, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it *grin*

2 thoughts on “Creating Fictional Worlds is a pile of pants…

  1. cha0tic

    It sounds like an interesting course. Obviously not.

    One of the reasons I like the ‘Dune’ books so much is that the whole universe is brilliantly worked.

    Having said that. There is a William Gibson or Bruce Sterling story that has a scene in which a character uses a shower that has a sign that shows you can get the water in your eyes (That’s the basics, it’s written better by them & I wish I could remember which story)

    A little throw away, incedental detail like that says so much about the world. Implies thought about how the world is, but doesn’t require an appendix & glossary.

    I love bouncing ideas around. If you’ve got MSN. skype, or stuff like that give me a call. I’d love to spend an evening chatting about stuff like that. I’ve chatted long into the night about that sort of thing because of being a gamer.

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