Monday night is headache night

I’ve had a pounding, thumping headache since 1 o’clock this afternoon. Nothing is shifting it. And this is happening every Monday now. It’s becoming annoying.

I had to pick Frodo up from school early today. I had a phonecall at 11 saying he was looking tired and wasn’t himself. I said he’d had a big weekend and so he stayed at school. 2.30 another call and he’d fallen asleep on his desk. So Samwise and I headed out to pick him up. It’s 9 o’oclock and he’s been asleep since we got in almost 6 hours ago.

We’ll see how he is tomorrow.

Off to watch Mysterious Island and not think about my headache.

Needless to say, no writing done today *sigh*

6 thoughts on “Monday night is headache night

  1. Sharon J

    Maybe nothing you’re consciously aware of, Kim, but I’m still betting there’s been lots of writing related stuff rumbling around in your head, even though it’s been hurting. One day it’ll surface… or so I tell myself when I’m the one getting nothing done šŸ™‚ Glad the little ‘uns a bit better – fingers crossed he’ll be his usual self tomorrow. ~Sharon x

  2. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    He’s more awake this morning, but still looking flushed. At least he’s eaten something today though.

    And nope, I wasn’t even able to *think* about writing, LOL

  3. Sharon J

    Aww… hope you and your son are both feeling better tomorrow. Maybe you’ve both picked up a virus of some kind? I’m sure that even if no actual writing is getting done, lots of writing related stuff’s going on in your head. I’ve had a couple of days away from writing and have had lots of ideas for my book that I’m sure I wouldn’t have had otherwise. But damn it, we’re not working if we’re not writing, are we? šŸ˜‰ ~Sharon J

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