Snow, snow, snow

Yesterday’s post was so short because I was literally running out the door.

We had to get to Blackburn for 11am and meet up with The Ent’s brother. Pippin has just turned 5 and to celebrate we’d all been invited to a birthday party. Well, except Samwise. Apparently the under 2s aren’t insured by Darwen council to eat chicken nuggets… Don’t ask.

Anyway, Samwise was more than happy to stay in The Ent’s brother’s house and shout at the guinea pig. A fun day, apparently, was had by all Hobbits. This is just a report, as I was in the house with Samwise trying to stop him shouting at the guinea pig.

And today was supposed to be the farm trip.

Huge snowdrifts stopped that idea.

Instead, the Hobbits built a snowman and blasted each other, and everyone else, with snowballs. It was Samwise’s first time playing in snow. Photos of him look mainly shocked, LOL

So we’re home, the Hobbits are asleep, and The Ent is Texas Chainsaw Massacring another poor tune on the piano. I’ve asked him to shout out the title before he starts, so it won’t bug me trying to work out what the hell it is. But he forgets. *sigh*

I’m off to the front room. The heating was off most of the day because we weren’t in, so this pile of a house has only had heat for 3 hours. My fingers are blue!

On a writing note. My Author Bio on Samhain is
here which is cool *grin*

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