Nimue’s Price is official

I got my contract in the post this morning for Nimue’s Price. Yay. And 5 Samhain pens. Almost as precious as the contract itself 😉

I’ve also just sent off the info for the Enchanted Ramblings Teaser Booklet. That should have been done yesterday, but see the previous post about the Monday monster headache from hell.

Frodo is also still off school today. He’s eating and drinking, put still feeling a bit sorry for himself. His face looks red and puffy, so a trip to the doctor’s could be in order.

Samwise is his normal hyperactive screeching self, however.

One thought on “Nimue’s Price is official

  1. Sharon J

    Good luck at the doctors. Cross fingers it isn’t one of those viruses that seem to hang around forever. My friend had one a couple of weeks ago and still hasn’t shaken it off. ~Sharon x

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