Over the hump

I got over the writing hump this morning. Which is cool – cos it was bugging me that I couldn’t move the scene forward. I’m almost at the end and that is just not fair, LOL. But it’s sorted. And I tied up one problem I was having into the theme. Which is double cool. *grin*

Exploding went down well, I think. It was met with a sort of stunned silence on one half of the room. And, of course, next week no one will be sitting next to me.

Which reminds me. I bottled out of phoning NY. I’m going to wait until the end of the month. It’s been in their office a fair amount of time. It can wait that bit longer.

I also realised today that if Treebeard hates the Hero from Exploding, he’s going to despise the Hero from Alchemy.

Tough. *insert evil cackling here*

Anyway, back to Nimue and her revenge…

2 thoughts on “Over the hump

  1. impworks

    Don’t worry we will still sit next to you. There is safety in numbers. We may, however, give you some sideways looks. You might catch us trying to see if your shadow looks right too. No horns or odd lumps.

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