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Thanks for the kind words about The Apprentice *grin*. Just wanted to reply here, because the machine ate your comment, LOL Don’t ask me how, I have no idea…

Found it in my emails *grin*

Kim, The Apprentice was a wonderful tale. You should consider revisiting and adding
to it. It has the beginnings of a full length, and a darned good one at that!

Posted by Himself the Elf to I really should be writing… at 1/18/2006 10:10:15

Yup – It turned out to be a prologue. That was completely unexpected. The way my writing is going – it will probably be the next novel after Alchemy. But as yet, I have no idea what it’ll be about, LOL

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  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    I try to plot now – except for The Apprentice 😉 – otherwise the plot just… stops. Dead.

    I found the blog of the woman who wrote 45 Master Characters. That book really helped me.

  2. Himself the Elf

    I know well what it’s like to not know what a story is about when I start writing it. I’m in the middle of a work right now that was adaptd from an abandoned online collaberation, I love the characters, love the movement, love the pace, so I’m writing it again, but with no real Idea yet where the tale will take me.

    It’s an excersse in creativity, I suppose.

  3. Anonymous Ent

    Hooray I can post a comment!.

    Remind me tonight about the ftp and we’ll look at setting up a blog_images folder for you to post files in.

    Hoom Hom.

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