Today, I’ve done my Blog name proud

I want to get Merlin’s Price finished. I do. Honest.

So what have I spent the morning doing? Besides trying to convince a very tired Samwise that he does need to go to sleep. I’ve been Blog-Dogging. My word. Just invented it right now. Probably *grin*

I will now stop racing through blogs. Sniffing bits here, giving others a test lick.
All right. That’s probably too much dog metaphor.
I have new ideas what to do with mine. Which is good.
I can see why Blogs are addictive, though.

So much easier to mess about with, update, and generally have fun with, than a static website. Well, it would be if I could arm-twist the pass word for the Web FTB out of Treebeard.

I’m now on the hunt for banner software. They seem to be another key weapon in the battle to self advertise.

It’s… 13:00… so I’ll probably get in some reading for the course tonight. Some overly long, short stories. Hmmm

I sent the first 2 pages of Exploding… That’ll be fun. *WEG*

2 thoughts on “Today, I’ve done my Blog name proud

  1. Michael

    Thought I would throw you a comment bone because I enjoyed the dog metaphor so much. Careful what parts of a blog you sniff. You don’t want a reputation.

    Take Care

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