New Year Resolutions

My New Year Resolution is… to make more of an effort, LOL

So here I am. Everything sort of slid away in December. That was mainly to do with Frodo and his assessments. And then Christmas appeared and I had to decorate the house in a week. Joy.

But I have my list again.

Complete a story, Marriage, for an Amber Quill contest
Finish the nightmare that is Reluctant.
Finish Merlin
Research and finish Alchemy.

Unbelievably, that could take me to August. Eek.

The first round of edits are done for Billionaire. YAY. Waiting on the ones for Buying.

I also have to start thinking about promoting these books… The website, I have been promised, faithfully, by Aragorn should be up tonight (long awaited triple YAY!) Will have to research that inbetween all this writing, LOL

I also subbed another story to ER – The Apprentice.

Oh and my other New Year’s Resoltion is to get into print. Apparently, making these resolutions under a new moon means they’ll come true.

And that gives me a third resolution: winning the lottery. *grin*

Back to pulling teeth… sorry… writing Marriage.