The story for the Amber Quill contest is driving me insane. I have the characters. I have a plot and a setting, motivation… maybe even a theme 😉 But it isn’t geling.

So I ditched it and read a Writer’s Ideas book.

Marriage is a story I’ve had knocking about for a while. I’ve written bits, come back to it, played about… but I’ve left it alone for a while. Last night, I came to the realisation of how much my writing has changed. For the better. Honest. *grin*

I realised that I was too far away from the characters. I wasn’t in the main character’s skin. And the hero just wasn’t… there. Not really. Then I thought about throwing in Bluebeard and a smidgen of the Araban Nights. The plot will change completely.

It’ll be a *way* better story. Yay.