I have been so slack

So much for scribbling in this thing everyday, LOL

The edits for Billionaire are done. Just have to add an extra scene. That’s almost finished too… but I’m about to hit Christmas. Or it’s about to hit me. So that’s on hold for a few days.

I have so many wips… and so little time. Well, that’s what it feels like. I know I have three that have to be done. Reluctant is the most urgent. Merlin and Alchemy are equal second. At the minute. A long short story, Marriage, could overtake them all, though. There’s a comp that closes 15 January and the prize is a two year contract.

So my plan of the hour *grin* is Extra Scene and Marriage. That also needs a title.

Oh, and I subbed another short to Enchanted Ramblings – The Apprentice. Shadow demons, anyone?

One thought on “I have been so slack

  1. Himself the Elf

    Kim, The apprentice was a wonderful tale. You should consider revisiting and adding to it. It has the beginnings of a full length, and a darned good one at that!

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