A Fae and her Dragon

A fae and her dragon

I worked out how to ‘see’ Depth of Field for this one – viewed from above in the Aux Viewport – and I could move it exactly. I may have squee’d. Rather loudly. *shuffles feet*

This info is probably on the Daz forum – somewhere – but I admit to my eyes glazing there after a bit and it’s more fun ( if f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g ) to work it out for myself. The lighting fell into place too. DForce? *grr* I had four vert explosions before I fiddled with the surface dials. Honestly, dForce is a pain…

Best bit was finding the background almost instantly on Depositphotos. Colour match, and everything.

Also, I always like drawing/colouring in a dragon’s eyes.

I admit, this looks a little chocolate-boxy…and it is, but…fae-cloth never holds blood stains and in the shafts light, is that the fall of dandelion clocks, or ash…?

Yes, these are the things I think about *after* I’ve made something. Welcome to my brain! 😉

And now…onto something new!

#digitalart #fantasyart

Background, Depositphotos. The Fae and her Dragon, mine 🙂

Kim Knox Books


Begin the New Year with…oddness

Insect QueenA woman and her dragon

The first image is the danger of weirdness going very, very cheap in the Daz3d shop. She was also a bit of a mare to light and add background…and render. I only had one polygon explosion, though.

Where as the woman with her dragon was a right pain. That dress? Seems simple enough? I was on the third polygon explosion before I dialled back to the bare minimum in the cloth simulation. DForce is…annoying at times.

As ever, bokehs are from a bundle from DesignCuts (I’ve yet to find something I like in Daz). The rendered figures are mine.

The great re-release begins!

So falling into the General Election with much panic and flailing, I tried to distract myself with covers and edits and updates to the twenty seven (27!!) short stories, novellas and novels returned to me from Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing.

I have these three edited–Ruthless Beauty got a good chunk added–and they’re out now.

New re-releases

Emergence Universal link || Amazon

Ruthless Beauty Universal link || Amazon

Reiver Universal link || Amazon

You can read excerpts here: Emergence, Ruthless Beauty and Reiver

I’m working on the Planetary Passions books now. Hopefully they’ll start to appear over the weekend. 😀