A Fae and her Dragon

A fae and her dragon

I worked out how to ‘see’ Depth of Field for this one – viewed from above in the Aux Viewport – and I could move it exactly. I may have squee’d. Rather loudly. *shuffles feet*

This info is probably on the Daz forum – somewhere – but I admit to my eyes glazing there after a bit and it’s more fun ( if f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g ) to work it out for myself. The lighting fell into place too. DForce? *grr* I had four vert explosions before I fiddled with the surface dials. Honestly, dForce is a pain…

Best bit was finding the background almost instantly on Depositphotos. Colour match, and everything.

Also, I always like drawing/colouring in a dragon’s eyes.

I admit, this looks a little chocolate-boxy…and it is, but…fae-cloth never holds blood stains and in the shafts light, is that the fall of dandelion clocks, or ash…?

Yes, these are the things I think about *after* I’ve made something. Welcome to my brain! 😉

And now…onto something new!

#digitalart #fantasyart

Background, Depositphotos. The Fae and her Dragon, mine 🙂

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