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A Dragon Courts Her

I originally started working with Daz3D because I couldn’t find dragon shapes I liked on stock photo sites…so I’m finally getting to use it for the original purpose two months later. 😉

I’m quite liking this image and the mock-up I have for the actual cover of A Dragon Courts Her is looking good too.

I really should get to finishing the actual book, though. I’m on the home stretch now!

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I’m back…

The mostly rough first draft for the the Samhain Dragon Anthology is done. Hurrah! It’s taken me forever to write this one. The words just wouldn’t come, and those that did were mostly pants *sigh*

But it’s been printed out and on Thursday I plan to attack it; then write the dreaded synopsis. Eeep.

The deadline is 2 March. The best three are chosen on 16 March.

Fingers crossed!

I’ve been a-dragoning…

…and the story is becoming more bizarre the more I write.

Not sure it’s a good thing, either, LOL

My hero is cool. Which is all important. I just can’t seem to get a grip on where the story is going and what it’s really about. So at the minute, I’m just writing and writing, stopping, talking to myself as I wander through the house, and trying to figure out how to make this damn thing gel.