Orcs need love too!

Orcs need love too

Orcs need love too!

I’m mostly happy with the lighting on this one…though I’ll have to revisit her arm as it’s borked. Btw, posing arms and hands is *hard*. And I only noticed when I’d finished the Photoshop touches.

Ah well, I know what to look out for next time. Every image is a learning experience 😉

Bokehs from DesignCuts (I have *a lot* of them!). Rendered figures are mine.


Here be dragons…

Here Be Dragons...

And another…

I was fiddling about with this–I’d just bought the dress–and was posing it and shifting it about, feeling the need to have negative space on the right. She was looking down…and it hit me that she was looking at something.

And I have dragon software.

Of course she was looking at her new dragon familiar. Look at her tattoo! Duh!!

Sometimes I’m so slow to catch up with my own brain, lol

I almost got the light right on this one, but I was messing about with depth of field to see what that did. When it rendered, it was grainy, so rather than wait the hours to re-render, I “cheated” with photoshop brushing and blending.

I’m still not sure about the image. The blurriness irks me.

Anyway, landscape generating software is a dangerous $2 today.

You can guess what I’ll be doing! 😉

I’ve discovered 3D art… Oops?

Wasteland Warrior

Over the past couple of weeks I–and my Paypal acccount–fell into Daz3D. Wow, is it addictive. I’ve been posting to my Instagram and to Facebook pages for the past week or so…and then I remembered my lonely little blog.

So now my new obsession is here too.

This rendering came about as wild hair and post-apoc clothes were both going cheap in the Daz shop.

So…I like to think that as a way to stay sane in an insane world, my Wasteland Warrior keeps her hair in beautiful condition. And don’t you dare mess with her products!

Yes, I’m still fiddling about with covers…

Lightning in a Bottle

Rebecca Marwood is trapped in her guardian’s house, but something in the night draws her to the fire and steel of his exotic menagerie. And there she finds freedom in the strangest of places…

A short, steampunk and very naughty story you can buy from any of these places


My guardian had always thought me ignorant of the goings on in his house.

A vapid girl, alone in the world, who never noticed the dark robed men arriving in the dead of night. Or one who never wondered at the hints of sage and frankincense that drifted through the passages of his London town house in the early mornings. I knew, had known for quite some years that Henry Bellasis, Viscount Fauconberg was a warlock. And that he now planned to draw me into his world by offering my virginity to a stranger.

I wrapped my fingers around the great brass key, the pitted metal warming against my skin as I stood in the shadowed passage that led to the cellar door. The place where my guardian had bound his great secret.

Rumours from the footmen over the past week had run that Henry kept a dragon in the arched rooms that also housed his collection of metal automata. A great beast that steamed and groaned and licked fire into cook’s little parlour when the wind blew north.

The maids shared darker stories as they made the beds or took a pan and brush to the ashes in the hearths. The dragon bound in the cellar did more than steam and groan. One maid had blushed scarlet and admitted in a rushed whisper that her dreams were full of a great, dark beast. A wicked beast…with a wicked mouth.

New cover : Planetary Passions ~ Books 1-5

Planetary Passions Box Set

Planetary Passions

Sheen. In the outer edges of the solar system, it can strike without warning. A force that rips your world apart. Sheen demands your darkest desires be satisfied in every that you can imagine…

And the crew of the Theseus are next in its path.


You can find it on Amazon and it’s free as a part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription. It’s also available in paperback

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Kim Knox Books


Touch of a Dragon

Another book is back. Slowly and surely… *phew* lol


“Do you want to live?”

Half dead and under a heap of rubble, Leona Munro isn’t going to turn down that offer. Yet accepting, spins her life out of control.

She is the Chosen and what that means no one will say.

Thrown into the world of magic she secretly craves, Leona must find the strength to survive. Too many people want to use what she is to their own advantage in the war between technology and magic.

She can trust no one…least of all the sinfully attractive Samuel Blake.

Available on Amazon and free as a part of Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US :: Amazon UK :: Amazon CA :: Amazon DE :: Amazon AUS :: Amazon BR


In one smooth movement, he leapt to his feet, and with his body still blocking mine, he bustled me from the bridge. He pushed me behind the curving safety of the high wall surrounding the dockmaster’s offices.

The short wall, that ended only metres to the right, separated the buildings from the corniche and offered some protection. Only some. We would have to run into the open of the corniche to get to the old transport offices. Terror gripped me, the strange calm Blake brought gone again. What the hell was going on?

Bullets burst around us, thudding into the grass far to our right, smacking into the bricks of the offices, striking against the cobbles on the corniche on the other side of the wall behind which we hid. It was insane. Someone was shooting at us, at me. It made no sense. I led a dull, ordinary life. Not one filled with magic, implosions, and archaic weaponry.

Blake pressed me hard up against the wall, and I forgot all about the bullets. He turned his head, and I stared at the taut line of his throat. I swallowed, fighting the need to lick his warm brown skin.

Head injury. Serious head injury. I repeated that over and over and closed my eyes, desperate to deny the growing need in my flesh.

It didn’t help. With my eyes shut, I breathed in his clean, intoxicating scent. The delicious pressure of his body against my pelvis, stomach and breasts had my heart pounding. I balled my hands into fists and pushed them hard against the rough, old brick. Damn it, what was wrong with me? My wild mix of terror and lust forced my thoughts to spin.


He covered my mouth with his hand, and his gaze fixed on me. Something lurked there, and my chest heaved. His fingers tightened in reflex against my jaw. With my breath short, my body surged with liquid fire.

He leant in close, his lips brushing my ear. “Silence, Leona. They’re still here.” He took a deep breath, scenting the air like a…a beast and the shift in his chest, his hips tightened the need in my body. “Their scent is everywhere.”

Kim Knox Books

Scorching Valentine’s Day Reads!

Hot for the Holidays

Time to grab the best deal of the day!

I’m there too (so happy about it!) so you can grab Flesh and Shadows for only .99c or p 😀

Flesh nad Shadows - Kim Knox

Isaac Rand has a secret.

Bitten by one of the deadly shadow-snakes, he’s changed. He is no longer human.

Now, he will go to any length to see that he remains in charge of his planet—and its flesh-fruit harvest—including using his alien abilities to convince Agent Niamh Sullivan to lie to her superiors. His plan is simple, but what he doesn’t realise is that his venom is an aphrodisiac.

With it, Rand has become irresistible.

Now Niamh must deny their overwhelming mutual attraction. But as their need for each other spirals out of control, the danger becomes apparent.

Rand will take her humanity, take who and what she is.
Niamh has to make the choice.

Turn him in. Or succumb to his potent and forbidden temptation.

All Strange World books can be read as standalones.

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