Six Sentence Sunday: Magnetism

Sorry for the break from Bitter Harvest (that story needs a bit of *cough* research right now…) so I’m pulling out my favourite snippet from my erotic SFR (m/f) new release Magnetism


“Playing away? Want me to fuck you against the wall? Screw him out of you?” Her back hit the bulkhead and she let out a soft groan. He unbuttoned his trousers. “It’d be a pleasure.”

Happy New Year!

Yes, I admit to being sluggy towards the end of 2010 with keeping this blog updated. It was my bad. Sorry.

Stuff…was going on.

Anyway, to get up to date with me:

I sold a Quickie to Ellora’s Cave called Magnetism, the first story in Planetary Bodies.  I’m writing a series of linked books.  Eeep, I’m so nervous about that. I’m normally a stand alone book writer.  The second book, Friction, should be finished soon, and I’m having fun scribbling down stuff for the third book, Current.  Yep, I stole my titles from terms in physics  – the other two in the series being Fusion and Frequency.  I never quite realised how lewd the science could be… 😀

So after reading this article in the Guardian this morning, Abandon your resolutions. Stop looking for your soulmate. Reject positive thinking. I’m going to promise to change little things and garner results by inertia <–I love that idea!