FREE Kindle Title: Weaving Words

Yep, I have a free title up for the next fortnight on Kindle.  15-28 December to be exact 😀

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Easy part of his day? Resurrecting the dead. Hard part? Keeping them alive.

Kaede is a witch whose family has been bound to a powerful House for over a thousand years. And he hates it. Despite the fact that his lord, Tarou, murdered his mother, Kaede is sworn never to harm the man who could kill him with just seven words. Now he’s been commanded to use his unique powers to resurrect Tarou’s wife from the dead, and he has no choice but to comply. Things go horribly wrong when he accidentally pulls the wrong soul back. Now it’s not just his own life he must try to save.

Vara’s day couldn’t get much more bizarre. One moment she-s a captain in the Temple Guard. The next, she finds herself transported into a world of magic and witches-and stuffed into the body of a lord’s wife. Unwillingly plunged into middle of a deadly power struggle, the only one Vara can turn to is Kaede, the witch responsible for dragging her into this alien world. A witch she finds far too attractive…

Warning: This book contains the following; magic, witches and more body-swapping than is safely sane.

And Mrs Giggles said about it: ‘Weaving Words is easily one of the most interesting short stories I’ve read in a while and I love it. I love the ghoulish way the magic works in that setting and I love the story. I love the way things turn out.’

It appears to be free to the US only, btw…