New Release: Seducing Emily

Kim Rees took over my computer for the weekend…and this was the result: the release of SEDUCING EMILY!


To protect her brother, avenge her father and save herself, Emily Harding must seduce her boss, Jake Penvenhan. Emily knew he preferred his women tall and stick thin and she was neither…but then she saw the flare of desire in his dark gaze. Jake wanted…her. And that should have been her first warning.

Jake Penvenhan thought he knew exactly who Emily was. A thief. A spy. A woman that was a means to an end. Nothing more. Emily Harding would certainly never touch his heart. That idea was insane. He had loved once. Never again.

The past stood dangerously between them and because of this, they were both unprepared for the fire and the passion that would consume them.

It’s available at Amazon US for 99c and Amazon UK for 75p