FREE! Magnetism, Book 1 of Planetary Bodies


MAGNETISM, book 1 of Planetary Bodies, is FREE!

Orlena Sol is not meant to be in her room, naked…with her superior officer.

The crew of the CMC Theseus doesn’t have sex. At least not with each other. But there’s a new hunger in Dareh Andersen and he’s looking at Orlena as if she’s all too edible. He’s ready to fulfill her fantasies, which makes no sense. He’s always wanted anyone but her.

Orlena is convinced there’s more to his sudden interest. She fears his desire is simply a dream, a lie. Something other, something outside and beyond them is at work…but it’s a force she doesn’t want to fight.



Dareh’s voice was little more than a croak.

“Where are you? Are you with the others?”

There was a long pause and Orlena cursed his slow deliberation of facts. “No.” His reply made her stomach turn over. “I seem to be in the corridor outside your rooms.”

“What?” Orlena shuffled across the floor to deactivate the locks to the outer door. It clunked back into the wall and she found herself staring at Dareh as he stood in the metal frame of the open door. The muted light from the empty corridor formed a halo around his dark head. Her gaze moved from his face…and she realized something that forced her to take a back step. She quickly closed her eyes. “You’re naked.”

“I noticed. Did you finally slip me that rekkie you promised?”

Orlena felt fresh heat burn in her face. He never let her forget that. How she’d sidled up to him in one of the dives in the lower levels of the habitation complex and threatened to drug him and f*ck him. That had been before they crewed on the Theseus. About a day before. Drink and drugs had exited her life from then on. Mainly from sheer embarrassment.

Orlena risked a peek at him, wanting a clear memory of his long, lean and very naked body…and he caught her staring. A slow smile touched his mouth and she wanted to hate him, especially as that particular smile ran a quick ripple of need through her flesh. It was unprofessional to be attracted to her senior officer. But she was. She couldn’t help it. And there he stood, disgustingly at ease with his lack of clothes.

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