Blog tour ~ Stellarnet Prince by JL Hilton, plus giveaways!

STELLARNET PRINCE: Book two of the Stellarnet Series

Release date November 12, 2012

An otherworldly love. Human blogger Genny O’Riordan shares two alien lovers: Duin, a leader of the Uprising, and Belloc, the only surviving member of the reviled Glin royal family. Their relationship has inspired millions of followers–and incited vicious anti-alien attacks.

A planet at risk. A Stellarnet obsessed with all things alien brings kidnappers, sex traffickers and environmental exploitation to Glin. Without weapons or communications technology, the planet cannot be defended. Glin will be ravaged and raided until nothing remains.

A struggle for truth. On Earth, Duin discovers a secret that could spur another rebellion, while on Glin, Belloc’s true identity could endanger their family and everything they’ve fought for. Have the Glin found true allies in humanity, or an even more deadly foe?

You can read the prologue here.

The following excerpt is sexy and exclusive:

Belloc’s voice was low and sultry in her ear. “More.” Begging, yearning, he repeated the word in Glinnish.

More? More what? She took as much of him as she could, rocking back on his full length, gliding on his smooth skin. His answering moan was like music, and she moved faster and harder until he joined her in ecstasy. His back arched as he cried out a stream of aqueous sounds she couldn’t translate. The passion he poured into her was all the more powerful because of the contrast with his usual reserve. In one, dazzling moment, he shared everything.

J’ni lost herself completely, until she felt his lips and the tip of his tongue, tasting droplets of salty sweat on her brow and the tears forced from the corners of her eyes in the fury of her release. Breathless and spent, she came back from the deep darkness of bliss and realized her arm was caught under his shoulder and her hand was falling asleep. And she was damn thirsty.

She lay beside him, her head on his shoulder. After a few minutes, he reached for her arm and touched the controls on her bracer, turning off the netcams. His gloves were somewhere on the floor.

She smiled. “’Lo, husband.”

“’Lo, wife.” He faced her, laying on his side, one leg lifted over her hip and drawing her as close as possible. “If I was from Earth, your new name would be J’ni Nidenn.”

“Maybe. Not everyone follows that tradition anymore. I might keep my name. Or you would be Belloc O’Riordan. Or we could be J’ni and Belloc O’Riordan-Nidenn.”

Belloc’s winsome smile was tinged with melancholy. He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, and traced the edge of her earlobe with his fingertip.

“Sometimes, I wish I was human.”

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  1. jlhiltonauthor

    Thanks, Kim, for having me on your blog and helping me spread the word about my new book. Stellarnet Prince! The first book in the series, Stellarnet Rebel, was recently declared a finalist in the EPIC Awards for best sci-fi ebook of 2012. The series has some twists and turns, so I definitely recommend to everyone out there in Blogland to read book one first. 🙂

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