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Ok, so I never set out to write an inter-racial polyamorous erotic futuristic romance with heavy doses of political commentary…it just kind of happened. Well, that’s not entirely true, I did know from the offset that the second book in my Mystics and Warriors series (the first book is Bad Religion) would contain a menage where the three main characters ended in a relationship together. I just had no idea when I put fingers to keyboard how involved the characters’ backstory would become. And that’s just as well. I like my characters to surprise me as a write. I like to discover things about them that I didn’t know when I started writing the book. In the vernacular of the writer, I’ve become more pantser than plotter these days and the transition has lead me down some very interesting paths of late.

Such as with Sacred Sacrifices. I had this one scene planned out – Oh man, I could see it so clearly in my head. My heroine, Jerella, was going to have on a sheer red dress and seduce the enemy general, Keis. Yeah…did not happen that way. My characters had other plans, my scene–which I always knew would take place in a jail cell–ends up with Keis protecting her from his own men while trying to maintain a covert operation. In other words, the planned twists got tangled up and the book ended up with more depth and emotion because of it. It pays to listen to what the characters tell you. Sometimes it might hit you upside the head like it did when my main hero, Veric, decided to tell me he and Keis used to be lovers. Oh, really? Well, thanks for telling me before I finished writing the book. Luckily this came to me when I first starting writing scenes with Keis so it wasn’t such a hardship. If anything, it made the ties that bind the characters together stronger and offered me a chance to explore those aspects of their relationship like anger, betrayal and forgiveness.

I really enjoyed writing these characters and bringing them to life. I am currently working on book three of the saga, Ascendant Rising. I have a feeling this one is going to get very interesting as the characters begin to reveal themselves more clearly too me. Already the heroine, Lynx, has thrown me a huge curve ball. *sigh*

Now, here’s a blurb for your reading enjoyment and tantalization.


Sophite adja Jerella Montegro has crossed the length of the Sangrah Provinces to connect with a Unarion she’s only communicated with in her mind. Hunted by the theocrats on an order of execution, she has risked everything to come to the aid of the psychic sect she’s only heard of in stories. To bring them into the rebel fold with the Sophites and Drumas, it’s worth any price–including her life.

Unarion psychic Veric has spent the last few years mourning the betrayal of his lover, Keis, to the theocratic guards. Now, with the construction of a tower near the borders of his homeland, and the rift of a nexus opening in the city of Rimfel, he needs Jerella’s help to defeat the theocrats and their sinister plans once and for all.

Guard General Keis has given his all to the uniform he wears if only to bring his secret agenda to fruition. With Jerella and Veric in his crosshairs, he can’t lose. For what’s the promise of the future without a few sacrifices? But what’s his future without Jerella and Veric?


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-Kathleen Scott


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5 thoughts on “Kathleen Scott’s SACRED SACRIFICES and contest!

  1. shawnyjeann

    My particular favourite is when unexpected characters create themselves. “I never planned for there to be a sister (best friend, neighbour, dog walker…whatever), but there needed to be another person involved in the plot and she just showed up.”

  2. kyrias

    That really sounds interesting. I love it when backstory becomes unexpectedly more than expected and it does sound like it’s become exponentially richer as a result of the things you didn’t actually see coming.

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