Six Sentence Sunday: Bitter Harvest ~part four

I need to crack on with this story this week, I’m being distracted by evil, evil bunnies.  Anyway, here’s a little more of Rider and Sutton:

Anger smashed into Sutton, taking away all reason. His fist flew and connected with Rider’s jaw.  The raw satisfaction burned away the pain. He grabbed the lurching man and barrelled him back.  Sutton shoved him chest-first against the wall, his force driving all air out of Rider’s lungs.  “You’ll be the last mistake I make.”

32 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Bitter Harvest ~part four

  1. Wow thanks for all the great comments! I’m about 6k away from finishing this story. I needed a bit of a break – wrote some m/f for a while, lmao – Rider and Sutton can get a bit *too* intense 🙂

  2. Wow, these two characters are written with such power. I can sense Sutton’s rage–maybe born of denial?–and the brutal aggression he’s focused on Rider. (Somehow I think they’re both going to come away from this with more than just shiners and bruises.)

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