New releases: Painted Promise and Touch of a Dragon

Painted Promise

Releases 18 August from Ellora’s Cave

You can read an excerpt here

Thirza Girard is a clone.  Her mirror image founded a thousand year dynasty that spans the quadrant.  The Girard family power is no accident.  The original Thirza did a deal with an alien, a Tashen-Dar, who could manipulate probability.  He changed reality so that Thirza and her descendants are favoured with opportunity, the chance, if they grab it, of achieving great wealth and power. However, it comes at a cost.
Paint – an organic technology – binds the alien, Zaid, in the bowels of the planet. Paint has captured him as an image for a thousand years.  The time of binding is almost at an end and Thirza Girard’s clone must pay the price for the power her family has enjoyed.  She must rebind him, capture him again in paint, or pay another, more carnal price.

Touch of a Dragon

Releases 24 August 2010 from Loose Id

You can read an excerpt here

Half dead under a heap of rubble, Leona Munro isn’t going to turn down that offer.  Yet accepting, spins her life out of control.  She is the Chosen and what that means no one will say
Thrown into the world of the magic she secretly craves, Leona must find the strength to survive.  Too many people want to use what she is to their own advantage in the war between technology and magic.  She can trust no one…least of all the sinfully attractive Samuel Blake.

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