Sales and other happy things

Sunday was a bit of a mad day.

I got an email saying that TOUCH OF A DRAGON had reached the next round of the Loose Id Hot Hooks contest.  I now have to finish and polish that story to within an inch of its life by 1 Feb 2010.

I got another email from my EC editor, saying yes, she’d love to contract my fantasy menage novel HER DARK SOUL 😀  The contract is winging its way across the pond as I type.  You can get a sneak peek of the story further down in my blog.  Here’s the link.

Then I sold SHAPES IN THE BLOOD to Loose Id.  Yep.  On the same day!  The contract is keeping the other one company, lol Here’s the unofficial blurb for Shapes.  I’m still working on the Her Dark Soul’s blurb.

Aila Parry is a disaster waiting to happen.

Bad luck dogs her, has followed her all her life, ever since her grandmother’s heated warning when she was only three years old. Food spoils, metal stresses and breaks, equipment fails…and people are wary of her, forming strange hatreds, or worse shunning her completely. Men run scared. Which is why her colleague, Nathan Ahern’s, interest stuns—and delights—her. But Nathan is not all that he appears to be. And the only need he has for Aila is the desire to spill her blood. Matt Kinnon, a tempting stranger, a man compelled to guard the human race from creatures like Nathan, offers her protection.

But can she trust a man who is as much a demon as the one who wants her dead?

And the fourth piece of good news I got was from Samhain.  Weaving Words will be offered as a Kindle freebie from 15-28 December.  So a nice little Christmas present for all new Kindle owners 😀

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