Sneak Peek: Emergence – a naughty snippet


Jaime has one night left before life, as she knows it, is over.

The forbidden offspring of a human and a mythoi, she’s lived her life with her human father.  Until now. Come morning, the First Dragon, leader and ruler of the mythoi will own her.  Her life will be completely under his control – what she wears, what she eats, when she sleeps.  And with whom.

She’s determined to spend her last night in the comfort of a stranger’s arms. A final fling.  However her stranger, Kaden Rhodes, is not who he appears to be and the connection growing between them is hot, fast and completely irresistible. They’re playing with their lives because if the First Dragon finds out about them…they’re dead.

Emergence (c) 2009 Kim Knox – unedited excerpt

“Who are you?”  The question escaped after I dragged needed air into my lungs.  My hand framed the hardness of his smooth jaw.  His amber eyes had darkened and something sparked in their depths, a fire than made me want to strip him and fuck him.  “What are you?”

“What you need.”

A chair clattered to the floor behind me and my backside hit the cool mahogany table.  “That’s not an answer.”

A brief, hard smile cut his mouth and need for him tightened low in my belly.  “Do you want to say why you want me here?  Why you want to fuck a stranger?”  His smile grew and something must’ve reflected in my eyes as he said, “I thought not.”  He brushed tangled hair back from my forehead and the unexpected tenderness hurt my chest.  I breathed past it.  “So, till the morning, we’ll both have our secrets.  Agreed?”

My throat ached and I couldn’t speak.  I nodded, instead.


He tugged at my clinging top, pulling it over my head.  Cool air brushed over my bare skin.  The top slid from his fingers, dropped in a golden puddle on the carpet and Kaden let out a slow breath.  My nipples hardened under his intense gaze and everything in me ached for his warm lips, his tongue to find my skin and lick—

“Here on the table?”

“You want to eat, instead?”

The smile he turned on me then, wicked, possessive squeezed my heart.  “Later.  I promise.”  He leaned over me, his lips close to mine.  “Right now, I want you.”

I resisted the urge to cover his mouth with mine.  If I was getting naked, then I wanted to run my fingers, my tongue over the smooth muscles hinted at under his shirt.  “Then you have too many clothes.”

His fingers moved and the shirt joined mine on the floor.  My own hands, nervous, eager, reached for him and Kaden shivered under the first touch of my fingertips over the rippled hardness of his stomach.  His breath warmed my cheek.  “Better?”


“You want more?”

“I want all of you.”

Kaden grinned.  “I can do that.”  His smile turned evil and he traced a slow, shuddering path over my ribs to the thin-banded edge of my skirt.  He made quick work of the zip.  I wriggled and the skirt, and my underwear, joined the growing pile on the floor  “Though you first.”

“So it seems.”  His hands were already moving to his trousers and my fingers covered his, joining him in pushing the heavy fabric away from his hot, smooth skin.  I traced my fingers along his cock, my thumb teasing over the sensitive head and Kaden hissed.  “Ready?”

He laughed and gripped my hips.  “Isn’t that obvious?”

My thighs held him, my calves sliding over the hard, hot muscle of his legs, tugging him closer.  This first time would be fast, fierce and my blood pounded at the thought.  I guided him, teasing his cock over my wet flesh, little sparks of need firing under my skin as I made both of us ache for more.


My name was a soft growl and his shadow thickened around him, encasing us, vast wings cocooning my own shadow, melting over it.  The feeling was…bliss, deepening at the first push of his hips, of the slow, slow tease of him into my body.

Kaden’s ragged breaths rushed warm over my mouth and his darkened eyes held me.  “We need to fuck you.  Right now.  Hard.”


“My…”  He sucked in a breath and I had to have imagined his pause, when he rolled his hips.  The sensation of him hard and deep within my body rioted in my flesh and I groaned.  “My shadow.  It wants yours.”

I blinked.  The idea seemed forbidden…and delicious.  “We…”  He distracted me with a palm sliding up my spine, pressing me hard to his chest.  His mouth brushed my jaw, my chin.  He nibbled at my bottom lip and the urge to deepen the kiss, to find a fast and furious release warred with my need to question him.  The question won.  “How?  I’ve never…”

“I know.”  The satisfaction thickening his voice had me pushing against him.  He groaned and his teeth sank, hard, sharp.  The sudden pleasure-pain forced me to grab at him, pull him tight against my body.  “Let us share both of you.”  The words brushed my skin and my shadow stretched, her curiosity peaked.  “Don’t deny yourself this pleasure.”

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This story is out next June with Samhain Publishing

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