Free Read done! Yay

Slight change coming to Xander. Stay tuned…


I finished the free Valentine’s day read! Yay…*collapses*

I went completely cross-eyed last night and had no clue what I was writing, but I got it almost to the end, which was great. This morning another 500 words or so and it’s done, primped and tidied and available right here.  Simply click on the cover to download the PDF  *grin* (You may have to open another tab as some browers are freaking about the download…)


Larissa has to escape.  Her only way out of a city about to implode under the rule of a new emperor, is the mysterious spirit magic of the Sardisians.
It could cost her a piece of her soul.  But the magician she finds wants more than that. Much more…

Enjoy! Oh and it’s naughty. You’ve been warned…