What I should be doing…

… is writing Alchemy. I’m just about to start chapter 4 and the second draft is so muh better than the first one. That was more like a very detailed outline. Well not that detailed… as my hunt for the scent of indigo dye proved, LOL.
So I should be writing that… but instead, after an IM chat a couple of days ago, I have another story squatting in my head.
This doesn’t happen to me. I have to hack at ideas with the pick. On some days, I need dynamite.
So having characters, a setting, half a plot… and a murder/mystery plot at that… skulking about in my brain is unsettling. Anyway to appease the lurking monster, I made it an icon. I’ll write more about it as it gradually takes over my life. And here’s the icon, I’m heading back to Varo *grin*

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