Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen jobs to do in our Garden

1… Put in French windows. The previous owner of forty years ~ a Chief Inspector who loved his car far too much ~ took them out so he could attach a garage to the house. Argh!

2…Clear the garden of all rubble. That’s The Ent’s job, as he put it there in the first place *smirk*

3… Patch the garden walls. Ripping down the horrid old garage left huge crumbling holes in the inner wall.

4… Paint the garden doors. We have four of them. Bit excessive, you’ll agree, LOL

5… Dig out the concrete base of the garage and landscape it. Samwise has told us that if it’s a garden it has to have grass. So grass it is.

6… Partition off the bins (refuse, green waste, recycling and compost – yes, as many bins as we have doors *grin*) with a wall. What this wall will be made of is still up for debate. Living willow would be cool… and probably wrecked in the first afternoon, LOL

7… Cobble the paths and put stairs in beneath the French windows. No doubt, the hobbits will complain about the stairs, as they’ll be leaping from the open windows to the muddy grass below… Why am I doing this again???

8… Paint the garden walls and possible decorate with willow, hazel type things. Yes, we’re getting vague now LOL

9… Buy the slide/tower contraption and set it as far from the house as we can. This is not far, btw. We have a ‘town garden’ i.e. tiny.

10… Put out the table which is currently skulking in the outside store, wrapped in polythene and half forgotten.

11… Buy planters, position them again the house and try to hide the drains. We have four… that number just keeps coming up, doesn’t it?

12… Fun part. Buy plants. Yay. Lots and lots and lots of them and stuff them in the planters.

13… Stand back, admire, watch the hobbits destroy it… and remember that there’s a garden off to the side that needs sorting too. Bugger

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20 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #7

  1. Lesley

    Oh that is going to be so fun! I love working in the garden! We need a garden wall! All we have is a sad little excuse for a fence that we put up to keep the dogs in. It does its job…most of the time. Enjoy!!!

  2. she

    When it comes to sorting out the garden, I love the planning part. I’m not so fond of the doing part.

    Will your plans come to fruition? If so, how much would it cost to have you sort out mine when you’re done?


  3. JennyMcB

    Sounds like a lot of work ahead of you. Hope the weather cooperates for you this weekend.

    When you’re done there and after Minnesota, I have a garden in NH you can help me with! LOL

  4. Kathy

    Oh, my…this sounds like so much work! Good luck with that. Maybe you’d like to spend some time at my house. You could give me a few good ideas, ok? It definitely needs help!

  5. spyscribbler

    Your garden sounds gorgeous! I don’t know ‘town gardens’ at all! What’s a garden wall? A garden door?

    This is not my father’s–or mother’s–garden, LOL! It’s reminding of The Secret Garden.

    Happy Thursday Thirteen!

  6. impworks

    It’ll be worth the hard work in the end. You’ll know the slab was hard work when the hobbits have learnt the lyrics to workin’ on a chain gang while the it was being smashed up.

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