Past Lies is a Best Seller!

So I’m sitting on the couch, generally being annoyed by Hobbits and trying to complete the final draft of Alchemy, (6k in and a huge improvement on the draft, LOL) when I look at MyBookstoreandMore.

And find that I’m on it, at #10

Major *squeeee* follows. Run to tell The Ent in the kitchen. Hug the annoying Hobbits. Then check again to make sure I’m not imagining it… and it’s gone LOL

So I go into refresh mode… until it’s back *grin*

And today? Well, today Past Lies is #9

Let the *squeeee-ing* commence…

3 thoughts on “Past Lies is a Best Seller!

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Thanks, Olivia!

    I’m not an adder-on of words. I really struggled to get the extra 10k, LOL It is a much better story with the extra words, though *grin*

  2. Olivia Lorenz

    It’s #5 this morning, Kim! Woohoo! Do the happy dance!

    I read Past Lies yesterday lunchtime, btw. I do like Zach. My favourite bit has to be that scene in the art gallery – that was very sexy.

    I wish Sasha had told you to add 20k though! Zach is so aggravating I could have coped with seeing him and Anna last the full week together 😉

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