Thursday Thirteen #5

So I definitely blog about Wales, here’s…

Thirteen Things to do in Wales.
And beware, there are more castles here than is safe for human consumption.

1… Stay in a 17th Century cottage, in Ysbyty Ifan in Snowdonia National Park

2… Go to the perfect castle on the first day. I love Beaumaris. I want to go back – luckily we’re headed by to the same cottage in August *grin* 3… Take too many pictures of said perfect castle.

4… Let your small boys run riot around the castle grounds. Only one small boy was caught on camera, the other is camera-shy, LOL

5… On the second day, find yourself another castle in Edward I’s Ring of Iron – or is it Stone *grin* This one is Criccieth.

6… Take as in #3 pictures of the castle as possible

7… Head for a beach in the afternoon. We managed a different one every day. 8… Head for the walled town of Caernafon 9… Copy #3 and #5 of course, LOL.
10… Take the picture of the holiday. I love this photo – and it hasn’t been altered in any way.

11… Take the hobbits to yet another beach. This is Llandudno’s West beach

12… Try to squeeze in those extra castles, just to keep up the quota. This is Harlech and Conwy.

13… And on the last day, head for Harlech beach, *the* best beach, and watch while the men tackle the difficult job of flying a kite.
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36 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #5

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Di: Every castle definitely had it’s own atmosphere. And the 5 I went to were all in different states of ruin, LOL But then ask me again in a few years…

    Janet: Eeep, Hannibal?

    And we’re heading back to north Wales in August… and I think there’re more castles left to see *grin*

  2. Raggedy

    I love the pictures!
    It looks fascinating there!
    Thank you for sharing them with us!
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT’ing!
    (“)_ (“)Š

  3. samulli

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Your list reminded me very much of a trip to Scotland a few years ago with my then boyfriend (minus any kids, obviously). He was dragging me through I don’t know how many castles – for all I know it could have been the same one over and over again. At least, from looking at my 5000 photos I can’t tell them apart anymore. But of course it was cool nevertheless. :o)

  4. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    LOL Jennie. It’s destined for a scorching summer here again. I think I’m going to hide in the house…

    And They’re ebooks, do downloadable (is that a word??) anywhere in the world from the publisher, One’s in print, available from Amazon. Thanks for asking *grin*

  5. elementaryhistoryteacher

    I absolutely love the castles! My dream is to spend at least one month on your side of the pond to visit all the castles and grand homes I’ve only read about. Thanks for posting these.

  6. Ms. George

    Wales was one of the places I did not make it to when I was studying in York almost twenty years ago. Gads, I’m old!
    Great post and lovely pictures. I may have to check out your books. Are they available on my side of the pond?

  7. impworks

    Is it really Thursday again already? Wales + Castles + Beaches sounds like a good holiday (in fact I think it was several times when I was somewhat shorter than I am now)

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