Samwise goes forth

Samwise returned to Pre-School this morning. No tears, no vomiting (that was fun at the beginning of last term), he just ran in, sat down and started sharpening a pencil. Which was cool, because I had to rush home to met Frodo who was attending his occupational therapy session.

He’s got big and small know. Mainly due to his recent birthday presents, large dalek, small dalek; large cyberman, small cyberman. He’s having trouble with grouping large and small and behind and in front. I’ve been chasing him around the front room most of the day, tickling him and trying to demonstate these concepts, LOL I have no idea if it was working, but we giggled a lot.

I finished Parallel Worlds by Michio Kuko. There was a part in section two that was interested and gave a clear demonstation of how one could exist and what it would be like. Then it lost me to string theory and M-branes and I couldn’t see what the point was anymore. *sigh* Especially the Be excellent to each other in the last few paragraphs. Very Bill and Ted. And what happened to the endnote numbering? There are a tonne of endnots and not one indication in the main part of the text. *grr* The notes about time did help with 7% and Rising though. Made it a bit different from the usual time travel stories I’ve read…

I’m now reading The Night Watch by Sergi Lukyanenko and Emperor by Stephen Baxter.

It’s now been a month since The Bone Magician’s Daughter made its merry way out into the world. And it’s a fortnight for The Third Proposal. I want to add 7% and Rising to the list.

I just need to add just that little bit extra to the almost last scene…