7% just got interesting

A trip to the opticians yesterday, where I had my retina photographed. It looked like Mars. really cool. I have healthy eyes and no forming diseases, which is cool *grin*. I also have more melanin in my eyes then most people in the area, LOL

The optician seemed quite surprised and miffed that I had more melanin then him…

He puts the lack of it in Liverpool to the sunbed culture that thrives here. I’m blue-white and freckled and have no intention of sunbathing and becoming the glorious orange that everyone from 11 upwards seems to crave. So my eyes are chock-ful of the stuff that protects my eyes and which UV light destroys.

Much smugness today? You bet.

I also went bag shopping, discovered that the bag I liked was 75 pounds and spent the money on books instead. A much more worthwhile cause.

And so to the title of the post. I was hunting for my third book in the 3 for 2 offer and picked up Parallel worlds by Michio Kaku. I know nothing about science. I scraped by in O level Biology and Physics and Chemistry stopped at 14. So I always have to start from scratch if the story I want to write has heavy science in it. Nimue’s Price – prime example.

7% and Rising is about time travel and I was happy with my theory about how it worked. Now I’m half way through Parallel worlds and 7% is starting to change. It’s going ever so slighty very quantum, LOL I’m going to be mean and not give any more away.

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