Sub, sub, subbing

While I was writing 7% and Rising yesterday, I had this sudden urge to sub. As you do.

So a 7k story winged it’s way to Whiskey Creek Press.

The response times are about a month at the minute. And the wait is definitely worse for an epub. When I sent out a tree I know I’ll get a paper response, usually with ‘What the hell were you thinking???’ on headed paper, LOL.

With an epub, it has to be an electronic reply. Which has me checking my email every three and a half seconds.

Oddly, this nervousness is only for Whiskey Creek. I emailed The Bone Magician’s Daughter to Macmillan, and I’m not that anxious about the reply. Maybe it’s because epublishers are often quick. Big publishing houses usually aren’t.

However, Macmillan did say 6-10 weeks on their website.

Damn. Now I have two things to eep about… *sigh*