A happy rejection

A partial got rejected this morning.

And I’m quite happy about it. I’ve stopped wanting to write for the line for a few months and was debating what to do if they asked me for a full.

Well, apparently it wasn’t what they wanted, LOL. I think my subconscious had been at work and knew long before I did that I had written all I would in that particular sub-genre.

They’d said in my last rejection that I had too much plot and too many secondary characters so for this sub I pared that all away. And it killed me, LOL. I think I’ll rewrite the story the way I want to and offer it up elsewhere.

I think everyone deserves to get to know Zachary Quinn *WEG*

2 thoughts on “A happy rejection

  1. Annie

    Sometimes we just need to do it the way we see it in our head – instead of the way the world wants it.

    You have good company – Mozart, Van Gogh and George Lucas all went against what the world wanted and did it their way.

    Good luck and God bless.

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