Thank you

… Mark, HTE and SharonJ for wishing Samwise well.

He, so far *touching all the wood I can find* hasn’t thrown up tonight. He still has a bit of a phelgm-y cough but is holding his food down. He goes through this about every two months. He has a kidney problem, but the doctors won’t have it that it’s related LOL

And Mark knows, from first hand experience how deadly my 2 year old is when he *has* to throw up. Did you burn that carpet in the end?

I’m also practically done with my first new round of Mackenzie edits. Which is cool.

I also have fab review of Billionaire in my ER Guestbook. It’s by Autiolalo:

I liked heroine Emily from the moment we first meet her. She’s a woman who’s uncertain, who doesn’t realise the power of her own looks and personality. The outfit she’s wearing, her make-up and hairstyle – they’re not really her, she’s putting on an act – something that so many women do in the everyday lives. The reader can really identify with her straight away, and her motivation – to help her brother – makes it clear she’s not mercenary.

The first chapter has almost a staccato feel to the prose, which underlines Emily’s nervousness and panic when she meets her boss, the sleazy Anton, and then the man she’s there to seduce – the very sexy Jake Penvenhan. There’s so much sexual tension and build-up between Emily and Jake in the first couple of chapters, I really felt sorry for poor Emily! Jake can take care of himself (LOL), especially as he doesn’t trust her at all and thinks she’s a corporate spy for his stepbrother Anton.

With more twists and turns than a twisty-turny thing, the plot pits Emily against her family’s enemies and sets her at odds with Jake, even though their romance continues to build. I really felt for Emily in her confusion and desire to do the right thing on behalf of her father and brother.

Kim has a real talent with romance writing. I used to be a complete Mills & Boon addict a few years ago, I’d raid the library and on rainy days I’d read about five M&B books a day! So I love a good romance – and Kim, you really know how to write them.

Romance novel critics like to say that there’s a formula for writing in this genre, and while that’s true to an extent of *any* genre fiction, there needs to be passion, too. Especially in romances, the reader will know immediately if the writer’s heart isn’t fully engaged with her characters. That’s not the case here: Kim writes with real passion, verve, attention and humour (another good quality in a romance!). Looking forwards to your next one, Kim!

Now I know at least one person bought it, LOL

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  1. impworks

    Thanks for the reminder…

    It took a weeks airing, wet and dry hoovering, drying and then working over with a stiff brush but its now back on my sitting room floor because anything would be better than the carpet 😉

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