I’m back… well sort of… *grin*

We made it back from Wales in one piece. Yay!

Frodo burst into floods of tears as we pulled up outside our house. He wanted to go back to the holiday house, LOL. Samwise toddled in and rediscovered his lego and crayons. Frodo went to bed for an hour to get over the trauma of being home.

We had a good time, staying in a place that had no vowels. It would’ve been a nightmare if we’d gotten lost. There was no way either of us could pronouce the village. *grin*

We traipsed around castles – Conwy and Harlech – and I took far too many photographs of stone, turrets, steps, towers and flags. Samwise enjoyed his first beach at Portmerion, happily disappearing into the distance with the comment ‘I’m walking’.

On the last day we went to King Arthur’s Labyrinth at Coris. It’s an old slate mine. You cram into a barge and disappear into the mountain. It’s black, cold and the water is 160 ft deep. Then you’re taken through a maze of tunnels by a cloaked guide and shown scenes from the Mabinogion. Frodo loved it. Samwise wasn’t so sure… But a dragon roared and blew smoke at him on the barge out… so that made up for the cave.

And if Berkley say yes to The Bone Magician’s Daughter, there’s a sword in one of the nearby craft shops with my name on it…

3 thoughts on “I’m back… well sort of… *grin*

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Nope – no inspiration at all. I spent most of the time trying to stop a certain 4 year old falling off the battlements *sigh*

    And I joined *grin*

  2. Sharon J

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I can understand the photos as I’m the same. Did all those castles inspire any stories?

    If you have the time, pop over to the new website of the writer’s group I belong to and, if you fancy, join the forum (it’s open to one and all). My blog’s on the site now but the main page can be found at http://www.nantwichwriters.co.uk


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