Happy Birthday Samwise

…who is a massive 2 years old today *grin*

He’s in bed now, after his Peppa Pig/Scooby Doo fest of a birthday. He woke up earlier, crying because his birthday was over. The Ent promised him that his presents will still be there in the morning. As will the Peppa Pig DVD – and his present for Frodo: the Star Wars Trilogy LOL

We’ve had that on all day – with neither of them paying attention, but going ballistic if I even attempted to turn the TV off. *sigh*

And I caught the end of Return of the Jedi. *shakes fist at Mr Lucas* …that annoyed me… almost into a Spaced/Simon-Pegg-taking-all-my-Star-Wars-stuff-into-the-garden-and-burning-it moment. Not that I have much Star Wars stuff. Honest…