Short story is done! And it has a title: The Pact

‘The Pact’ is finished. Yay. All 1374 words of it.

And thank you to Teebee, who probably hates this story now, LOL. We struggled for about 3 hours to get one line. I think it was worth it *grin*. And the title was another problem. But I went with a simple one.

This story had the last line as its working title. That didn’t really work. Some titles are there from the start.Others I have to grub around for. This one was definitely a grubber!

So… back to The Bone Magician’s Daughter…

3 thoughts on “Short story is done! And it has a title: The Pact

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    It’s been put forward for Enchanted Ramblings ezine. The links on the nav bar. They read it blind… so hopefully it’ll get through, LOL. I’ve had a story in the last three issues.

  2. Himself the Elf

    Great, and now I look over my writing notes and notice I haven’t finished my short either. well, 5 days is enough, isn’t it? I usually whip out about 2,500 words in a fit of short writing (read that as 4 hours, then another 4 trimming the chaff.)

    Oh, Bother. I know what I’m up to this weekend…

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