I missed a day… Argh!

Yesterday was sort of a blur.

I spent most of the daylight hours struggling with the joys of html and Yahoo Groups. But I got it sorted and I can finally do what I want to do to. YAY. In between that, I had to wrestle and generally tickle Samwise and convince him that Nick Jr wasn’t on, that only Cbeebies worked now. I hate Nick Jr. Adverts galore… and I won’t even start on The Backyardigans… *shudder*

And last night I went out for a meal with the Uruk-hai. Otherwise known as the mothers of Frodo’s schoolmates. You don’t mess with the Uruk-hai *grin*

Far too much food was consumed and I came home feeling stuffed and sick. I actually feel hungover today, even though I only had one beer and one glass of wine. And no it wasn’t a pint of each.

So today is catch up day. I know where I’m going on shadows. I actually got a bit written while Samwise shovelled soup for his lunch yesterday. I need to finish that and get back to Bone Magician while I have the chance. Grandma Gandalf is making an appearance this afternoon, so that’ll help.

Samwise wants ‘smilk’… and so it starts again.