Nimue’s Price

Okay, here’s the blurb that I drew blood over:

Nimue enters the shining city of Camelot with her order plain.

Seduce Merlin. Or lose her family.

She knows his magic, how he can slip under a woman’s skin and work his charm.
It’s there in the shine of his dark eyes; eyes that see through to her soul.

And Merlin knows what she is.

In the searing light beneath the Round Room, he discovers that the Lady Nimue is the same as him: a Seer. Now he must resist their attraction to save his own sanity. However, a new enemy threatens Camelot with a weapon so destructive that it forces him to join with her and reach into the far future to save Camelot.

Merlin has always known that knowledge has a high price. But will Nimue we willing to pay hers…?

Would you buy this book? 😉

11 thoughts on “Nimue’s Price

  1. impworks

    Reminds me of a Radio Four afternoon play about an Architecture critic’s romance. One line sticks in my mind “Her legs were like Doric columns”. It went on in a similar way and was hysterically funny.

  2. impworks

    Good blurb by the way. Reveals enought without giving the game away.

    Look forward to seeing the artwork. Which body part will be featured heavilly this time?


  3. impworks

    I’ve already read it and I’d buy it…

    and I’m going to tell my friends to buy it too…

    and people I barely know on mailing lists…

    just don’t ask me to stop people in the street and tell them to buy it. I have to draw the line somewhere.

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