Edits away!

I sent the edits back this afternoon. Big relief that the first part is done *grin*

Now I’m torn between a short story for Enchanted Ramblings, due in 15 March and working on Bone Magician.

I’m in post-story tiredness – even though Mackenzie was only editing, LOL.
So I think that decision is going to be made tomorrow.

I do only have this week to finish the short story, really. The Hobbits cousins have a party next week and a day spent at a petting zoo-cum-farm. That’ll take up all of next weekend.

I have an idea. Whether it’ll fly is another matter *sigh*

4 thoughts on “Edits away!

  1. Sharon J

    How on earth do people manage to write short stories? I’ve always got far too much to say! I honestly admire those who can do it.

    ~Sharon J

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