6 thoughts on “Buying Mackenzie’s Baby – the cover

  1. Sharon J

    Thanks for responding, Kim. I’ll go click that link now. I already have a million unread novels in my bookshelf so one more isn’t going to hurt, is it? And anyway, it’s always more fun reading something that somebody you know (even if it’s just through reading their blog) has written than one by… I dunno… Stephen King?

    ~Sharon J

  2. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Hi Sharon!
    Thanks for asking.

    ‘Buying Mackenzie’s Baby’ will be out with Samhain Publishing 2 May 2006.

    If you click on the small cover on the nav bar that takes you straight to Samhain.

    My other book ‘The Billionaire’s Seduction’will be out with Triskelion Publising in April.

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