And February’s last present…

My cover is up on the Samhain Coming Soon page. *grin*

Isn’t it so very nice???

And thanks to everyone who wished me well yesterday. I go so over excited I had a headache from 4 o’clock until the wee hours of this morning, LOL

I did manage to go over a few pages of The Bone Magician’s Daughter. I think the problem I was having was reading the first chapter. I knew that so intimately that it was difficult to read with any depth or patience. But I started to enjoy Chapter 2 and I’m somewhere in Chapter 5 now. Fen, my h, is in a very precarious predicament, LOL

Anyway, off to sort html so my cover can live here too.

Oh, and not thinking about tonight… and the Amber Quill results.
See. Not thought about them. At all…