100th Post

Just read on the Romance Divas site that the list is ready at Amber Quill. The chosen few are there… but they’re not spilling anything until midnight on 1 March. Which is 6am here.

The more I read around what I should have written, the less I feel I will be one of the chosen few *sigh*. Nor even the ones who are going to get an offer to revise and submit. I don’t think the story is hot enough. According to some, even the weather has to have an erotic twist to it.

I sooo haven’t got erotic weather LOL

Ah well. I think the story stands on its own, so I should be able to punt it *grin*

So… No writing today either. We went to the seaside. In Britain. In February.

And yes, we should be tested for mental competence. As we were heading back to the car, it started to snow. I haven’t been so cold in a long time. But the hobbits had fun dashing about and causing the usual mayhem.

But there’s nothing quite so grim as an English seaside town in the winter.

With the biting cold and all that lovely sea air, The Ent and I crashed as soon as we got in. He’s only just coming around now.

I still have the mother of all headaches so I’m off in search of tablets.

4 thoughts on “100th Post

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    LOL – It was on the Sasha White Q&A. I read it a few days ago. It was saying make everything erotic *even* the weather. Not just to have a sunny day… but as Sasha put it… to erotise the weather from the h’s point of view. Really made me think. And to wish that I’d been able to read the Q&A *before* subbing LOL

  2. Pink Pen

    Crap… I hadn’t heard that about the weather. I don’t think I have weather in my story, let alone erotic weather. This waiting is killing me! Fingers crossed m’dear. I’m sure we’ll all be fine… 🙂

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