I know I’m on a schedule but…

…can I get into writing today? To paraphrase Drat That Fat Cat:

No, I cannot!

I had a Road to Damascus moment on the bus a few weeks ago. As you do.
I realised that time is moving on and if I want to achieve tonnes of novels, novellas and short stories in print and pixel I have to get off my behind and write them.

Not a very huge light bulb moment, I agree but it was the realisation of how short a time I have to do it before I’m old and decrepid… Anyone thinking that I am already had better stop that thought… Right. There. Right. Now. *glaring – hard*

I did do something that advances my world domination of the Word this afternoon. I found an agent who could be the right one for me. I’ll send him a query letter in March, after I’ve found out about Amber Quill. I also found another who has representative in the UK. And there are three others on my list. So a total of five. It’s a start *grin*

So… right at this minute I have to clear up the devastation of a day inside with the Hobbits and then force myself to continue with my plans for World Domination… *bwhahahaha*

2 thoughts on “I know I’m on a schedule but…

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    How much has this month *dragged*??

    And I think any white cat would have to worry about the size of Fenrir. He’s been eyeing the sun lately.

    Actually, we should all worry…

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