Exhaustion day

Yesterday was an Exhaustion Day. I got nothing done. Samwise was on a vomit-a-thon… the first hint of a cough had him throwing up. It wasn’t pleasant. And I was just a damp dishrag.

So today I did manage to crawl out to my Anicient Egyptian Warfare and Weapons course. Luckily, there’s an ex-Major and a tactics/weapons bloke in the group. They’re filling in the gaps left by the tutor… which is usually the detailed interesting stuff. Ho hum.

I will try to get back to Merlin tonight. I was sketching out what needs to happen while I waited for the class to begin. I’m sure they’ll start to wonder what I’m doing, as I write nothing when the class is in progress, LOL However, the new Stargate is on… and more inportantly Series 6 CSI. And apparently Grissom still has the beard…