Okay. The Doubt Demons are starting to surface. This story is way, way, way beyond what a Authurian tale normally is. And because of this, is it complete pants?

I’m hitting all the marks for the various myths. A surprising amount actually, LOL. They’re just twisted into a story that even makes me go: “What the f-?”

Write it and see. That’s all I can do. And if Teebee’s nice to me (hi, Teebee!) then she can do an excellent Freddie Kruger on it *grin* Then it might make better sense.

But we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Surfacing…

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Just deletced the previous post as it didn’t make sense, LOL

    You’re honest, Teebee. *grin*

    And if someone doesn’t tell me what’s not working for them, I can’t either fix it, or justify it… It won’t make me think why I’ve done something.

    Making me think is good.

    I think.

    You improved the AQ entry no end. Now, if it doesn’t place, it’s all your fault.


    Or am I…?

  2. TeeBee

    er… I don’t know if that comment went through or not…

    Hiiiiii if not! And what was that about shredding? Moi?

    (OMG I’ve got SUCH a bad critique reputation! And I’m NICE really i AM! …when I’m not bitching and stuff, you know…)

  3. TeeBee

    OMG I’ve got SUCH a bad critique reputation!!! Am I really that bad??? LOL I do say nice things occasionally, don’t I? Every now and then, I mean??

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