NaNo Diary – Day Seven, Eight and Nine

Day Seven I was good and got about 400 words written. Then yesterday everything came to a screeching halt.

I have edits to do on Billionaire… and I wish that was the excuse for not writing Alchemy. But the story isn’t grabbing me. I like the ideas. It’s just the writing of it is really flat and there isn’t something to grab me in the text.

I took the outline to my Creating Ficitional Worlds course. Most thought the idea was a good one. And the suggestion was to start the story earlier. So for next Monday, if not before, I have to write at least 1000 words – mainly telling the story of how Alesh witnessed the Sacrifice…

Should Fantasy Romance start with a gory description of a man having each part of his body dedicated to a Demon… and then being eaten?

Ah well… It is now.