NaNo Diary – Day Five and Six

The weekend sort of ground to a halt as general exhaustion set in.

I managed to write a whole 100 words on Saturday. Yesterday I fiddled with the Snowflake and I’m now over 10k. But the Snowflake Outline has run out *waaah*. So I think the word rate will slow considerably. Also, I’m not that… keen… on the story at the minute. Something is missing, still. Maybe I need to weave a subplot in. Or there’s something flawed with Alesh or Varo. Dunno. But I’ll try to carry on writing.

I did get completely distracted last night though. Gunpower, Treason and Plot followed by Rome… Though I did start to get *really* tired of the ‘ooh look Romans being rude!’ scenes. I think a gratutious sex scene was averaging one every ten minutes. *Yawn*

Oh, and I started my edits for Billionaire on Saturday. Chapter One has been sent back to the editor. I’m getting it in chapter chunks, mainly not to feel overwhelmed. I’m waiting to see if it’s okay and for the next installment. *bites nails*