Bitter Harvest: Excerpt and link to giveaways

Bitter Harvest is out today!  And here’s a short little excerpt. The chance to win all six of Carina Press’s m/m releases this week is below the cut 🙂

Bitter Harvest
(c) Kim Knox 2012

The chains creaked above their heads and Rider leaned forward. Sutton didn’t flinch, even though his prisoner’s mouth was millimetres from his own. If he was infected, the danger was very real. Even a drop of saliva contained enough nano-forms to infect him.

His want was irrational. He had a natural skill and the training to withstand the surge of apian pheromones. But,    the need to fist his fingers in Rider’s wild hair and take his mouth burned in him.

“Who’s your type?” Rider paused and the hot shine in his eyes made thinking difficult. “Because, right now, you want nothing more than to take me and fuck me. Do it, Lieutenant.” He wet his lips. “Do it now.”

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